Genius Hour #2



I have continued to bake different things. We have tried to see how to make different things from scratch. We have baked cake, funnel cake, doughnut fries, and many more things. We have learned how to measure a certain ingredient right so that we don’t mess it up. We have learned if you do not use the exact ingredients that it won’t taste good and if you accidentally put too much of one ingredient that it will not taste good either. We also learned that you need to know what size of a pan you will need or the cake or thing you are making might not fit in the pan. Also you need need to know what the exact temp has to be otherwise it will not come out at the exact time it was supposed to come out. If you don’t have the right sizes for the measuring cups you will need them so your food will come out the way it is supposed to and it does not have to much of just one ingredient or to much of all the ingredients. We learned that you have to follow the box/ websites instructions exactly right so it will turn out right and it will look like it is supposed to.

My College Trip!!!!!!


I went to Iowa Lakes Community College. I had a lot of their because we got to see what it would be like if you went to school there. We even got to learn how to make fruit pizza. I think I would go to that school because it is very laid back and calm. On are tour we got to see what classes are where and how they take classes. We even got to see how they would take classes off of a t.v. screen. We even go to see in the child care room how to make things to keep kids busy. They showed how they would work on different motorcycles,dirt bikes,four wheelers. We learned how it is a well paying job and it can be fun once you get to know how to do it.  We got to meet some of the college kids and they would talk to us about what are some of the fun classes to take their. The way you can get into that school is you can apply to get in or send a letter to get in. You could also go to see someone there and ask how to get into there.

Genius Hour!!



I have picked baking to focus on. This topic is important to me so I can become a better baker and so I don’t have to buy dessert that is already made and I can bake from scratch and I can save money. My goals for this project is to be able to become a better baker and to be able to know how to bake from scratch, how to be able to measure out the ingredients. I will measure my goals by letting others taste my recipes and I will track the rates of how many people like a certain  recipe compared to a different recipe. Also what I will need to do is have people write down what they liked about that recipe so we can continue to make the recipe taste well and make people think it is a good recipe so they will want to use the recipe themselves to.

My Spring Break!!!


On my spring break I went to Washington DC. We went through all of the memorials. We even went through the museums. I had a lot of fun getting to see what DC was like. We got to see what space food taste like. We also got to learn how to build a space ship. We then left Washington DC and we went to Hershey Pennsylvania. We got t make our own candy bar and decorate the covers of them to. We went on a tour of the whole factory and it took and hour and they explained how every time you buy a candy bar it goes to help pay for children. We also got to taste the Hershey’s chocolate bars. We had to say what chocolate was very bad and what chocolate was very good. We then had  to learn about the schools that the children go to and how they got there. We then got to learn about how the factory’s got started and how they continued to make new factory’s. We also learned how the owners that past away built mansions to make each other happy. Then we went to Gettysburg to see where the war took place.

Week #10

I have wrote 10 blogs this year about all sorts of things I have wrote about food and halloween and about nature, etc). I have only done one school blog scince the beging of the year started. I have only recived one comment from my teacher. My avatar post recived the most comments because I forgot to add something. I enjoyed writting about my favorite trip because It was very neat and pretty in ST. Louis. I did change one blog for my background. I did not add any widgets in my profie. I used pictures to show creativity and to show what i am talking  about.

Week # 7

Something in nature that I’m interested in is animals. I like how animals have different patterns and different colors. I like turtles they are very neat how they have a shell that their little bodies fit in. They have a neat pattern on some of their arms and legs. The pattern on their shell can be cool to. They can have cool ways to swim to, some of them swim different than others. There are different kinds of turtles, there are snapping, painted, and musk turtle, and many more. I used to have a pet turtle when I was a little kid. I had a turtle tell my grandpa ran over the cage and it got out and then we couldn’t find it. So since I have had one I have always thought that they were cool creatures. I like going to some rivers and then you find them sitting by it or swimming. My grandpa will go with me to find them at some rivers we will go to dakota city river. So when we go camping there at the park by the river we will go look for turtles. My cousin and I  found one once and then we let it go. I think it is very cool how they all look different from each other even to some of the same species is sometimes the same color. There are also some turtles that are bigger than others like if you go to the science center or the fair you can see sometimes see some of the bigger ones. It is also cool if you go to like some sea creature resorts how you can see some of the different sizes there to. I like the painted turtles they have neat stripes. Some turtles are cool because of their shells sometimes some look different than others.  

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Week #6

I vistited Amelia’s blog she is 8 years old. Her blog was about she likes to dance, and she loves strawberries , and she loves to sing she also has a dog and a ferret . She did a very good job naming the pets she has.

I visted Anna’s blog  she is 8 years old. Her blog was about her favorite food she likes ice cream. She did a very good job writing about what her favorite foods were.

I visted  Owen’s blog   he is 9 years old. His blog is about how math is his favorite subject, and he loves math. He did a good job talking about why he likes math.

I visted abbyś blog  she is 9 years old. Her blog was about red ribon week. It was wear the blue ball elementary had to dress up and do activitys for no drugs. She did a good job talking about what they dressed up for.

I visted brandon´s blog he is 9 years old. His blog was about he wrote a poem about halloween. Then he talked about the pumpkin jumpin jackin. He did a good job writing his poem.

I visted Summer´s blog she is 9 years old. Her blog was about how she went to a science place. She had to do an experiment over beetles. She did a good jjob what she did step by step.

I visted Billy´s blog he is 9 years old. His blog was a biography about michael clarke and how he is a good bowler. He did a good job explaing how michael clarke is a good bowler.

I visted Dylan´s blog he is 9 years old. His blog was about how he can sksteborad and he has broke a few. He did a good job writing his poem.

I visted Russel´s blog he is 10 years old. His blog is about a book called funny. He told about it and explained very well. He did a good job explaining the book.

I visted  Emma’s blog she is 12 years old. Her blog was about hurricane katrina and how many people died from it. It was also about how it was a very bad hurricane. I think she did a very good job explaning how the hurricane killed so many people and how it was a bad hurricane.


Favorite foods in my country!

One of my favorite foods in america is chilli with hotdogs and fritos, also cheese. I love it because I used to eat it it when I was a little kid. It has always been one of my familys favorite meals. We will make it often because it is a fast easy meal and everyone likes it. I like to eat it for lunch and supper because it is that good. We will make it when we are in a hurry to leave. Everyone will eat it the next day for lunch or supper. I will sometimes make to eat as a snack. It is really easy to make for alot of people to. When ever I hang out with my friends we will make it. Everyone of my friends always think it is good. We even like to put a little bit of hot and mild sauce on the side and eat it with that. I think it could be a great snack to make and and use it as leftovers to mix in a little bit of other things in it. I think it might be good to put it in some different chips, because it would give it a little bit of a different taste.

Celebrating Halloween

I used to celebrate halloween when I was a little kid. My parents and I used to go trick or treating but now I feel like am becoming to old to. We will pass out candy now and scare all of the little children. We still go two one place always for trick or treating. We will go to the book worm here in fort dodge she is very nice there and always make a short little scary show for when you walk in. I think halloween is fun because you get to see little kids get scared and you also get to see their costume. Then you get to dress up and scare them and it is very fun to see their face when they get scared.

My favorite time with my family

By Daniel

By Daniel

One of my favorite times with my family is when we went to Saint Louis. We go to go up in the arch and look out at the view. We also got to go see the fireworks. Then we got to go to this museum and it was were you got to play games. They also had a judge spot were you got to pretend who your judge was and what the case was and what person did the crime. There also was a place where you got to cimb up lilly pads and then go down a slide. Then we got to have a 4 bedroom motel room. It was really fun we got to go swimming and we go to go shopping. We also got to spend my brithday. I had alot of fun and wish i could go back and spend time with all o my family again.